Interpretarea răscolitoare a Ettei James în dialog cu B.B. King (de)conectează mintea de suflet în jocul iubirii cu infinitele fațete ale fericirii, îndoielii și suferinței…

”There’s something on your mind
By the way you look at me
There is something on your mind, baby
By the way you look at me
And what you’re thinking brings happiness
Oh, and it bring misery
Please, please, don’t try to tell me
I think, I, I understand
No, no, don’t try to tell me, baby
‘Cause I think, I, I understand
You want me to try and forget you
Well, I’ll do, baby, I’ll do the best I can
You know it hurts you when you’re in love with someone
And you know that someone don’t love you
It carries a heavy burden on your heart to know
That the someone that you’re in love with
Is in love with your best friend
And I’ll tell you, when someone else is rocking you
Rocking your cradle, you know, better
Than you can rock your cradle yourself
Then there’s
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